Ronald K. Brown / Evidence



Jacob’s Pillow (358 George Carter Road, Becket, MA 01223, Becket MA)

Ronald K. Brown / Evidence will perform a series of works including Incident, Upside Down, and the world premiere of The Equality of Night and Day, with an original score played live by composer and jazz pianist and MacArthur Fellow Jason Moran.

With text by civil rights activist Angela Davis and visuals by Deborah Willis, the sweeping and poetic work examines the concepts of balance and equity, in our history as well as in the current political climate as it affects young people, women, and people of color today.

In 2020, Jacob’s Pillow honored Ronald K. Brown with the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award, and Ronald K. Brown / Evidence has deeply moved audiences for over 30 years. “No major choreographer has worked harder to bring spiritual awareness to the human heart than Ronald K. Brown,” writes the Washington Post. “His dances concern our struggle to find love and connection, where compassion alone can ease the grueling physical journey of life.”

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