SCDT presents HUT at BOMBYX!- 3 Artists 3 Genres 3 short sets



Bombyx Center for Arts and Equity (130 Pine Street, Florence, MA MA)

HUT 42 at BOMBYX featuring work of
VANESSA ANSPAUGH ( Movement ), MAX GONEN ( words) LEMUEL MARK (sound)
HUT is co-curated by movement artist Jennifer Polins, writer Jay Keery Weingarten and sound artist Jake Meginsky. The series showcases the work of three artists in each performance, featuring MOVEMENT, WORDS, and MUSIC from local and international artists who share a pursuit of experimental improvisation and an intention to push their forms forward. HUT draws diverse audiences who love music, writing and dance, offering varied communities a chance to sit together and experience performance styles they might not have appreciated before.  By juxtaposing different artistic genres and emphasizing experimentation, HUT creates a unique space for building a new sense of public engagement and appreciation for the arts.