Something Rotten! A Four Rivers Drama Club Production



Peskeompskut Park (Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA )

**Two brothers set out to write the world’s first musical in this hilarious mash-up of Shakespeare and Broadway.**
It’s the 1590s, and Nick and Nigel Bottom are playwrights trying to write a big hit while stuck in the shadow of the great William Shakespeare. With a patron ready to quit and nowhere else to turn, Nick makes a deal with a soothsayer to find out the future of theater, which turns out to involve singing, dancing, and acting all at the same time. The Bottom Brothers strive to write the world’s first musical aided by some questionable prophecies, winding up in a bitter battle with the Bard where the play’s the thing! Something Rotten! combines 16th-century Shakespeare with 21st-century Broadway in a hilarious mashup that celebrates everything you love about theater.