Spirits We Are - Art Exhibition



Anchor House of Artists (518 Pleasant Street, Northampton MA 01060 MA)

SPIRITS WE ARE is a response to being dehumanized and pathologized for having so-called extreme experiences. Through a series of portraits, artist Vincent Frano seeks to (re)claim their humanity by standing firmly in their identity as a collective of spirits. In a world that labels difference as madness, this exhibition presents difference as something powerful and existing in spite of societal demands for homogeneity. The works presented in SPIRITS WE ARE were collaboratively created by Vincent and three other primary spirits who are in relationship to the body. With new experimental paintings, Frano presents themself and the spirits who share the space within and around their body. Through scale and symbolism, the paintings tell the stories of unique individuals who are made invisible by a society that rejects their existence. Their mythic presence is intended to draw attention and to open doors of connection. Just as forgotten artifacts rediscovered bring us face to face with a once hidden world, they ask nothing but to be remembered and respected.


Opening Reception Friday February 3rd
Details to be shared by Anchor House
Details will also be posted on the artist's website

Vincent Frano's work will be on display in the front gallery and gift shop of Anchor House of Artists through the end of February.