The Belchertown Fair



Fairground (2 Park St, Belchertown, MA 01007, Belchertown MA)

164th Belchertown Fair and Parade theme is "Blue Jeans & Fair Dreams." What does that mean to you? To youngsters the fair is fun, rides and fair food. To teenagers it might mean going with a favorite friend or your first kiss. As you get older, it's an opportunity to connect with family and friends you don't see as often catching up to favorite music under the social tent. Or maybe you have a dream to show off your prize winning vegetables and get a ribbon. Put your thinking caps on and show us what it means to you. There are categories in the Exhibit Hall, Parade and Booth Space. Good luck! The Belchertown Fair has strong agricultural roots and has been at the center of its social and geographic history. There are special theme awards in the Parade, vendor booths and Exhibit Hall. It is fun to see how people interpret the theme every year. What does it mean to you? Put your thinking cap on if you are a participant. If you are a visitor, we look forward to showing off the Belchertown Farming Community.