The Dreamweavers Exhibition



The Bloomery Art Gallery & Meeting Place (17 New South Street, Unit 205 - Suite D, Northampton MA)

Existing in the realm between folklore, myth, and our embodied realities The Dreamweavers is the culmination of 42 hours of interviews with queer, trans, and Two Spirit survivors of abuse, sexual violence, and relationship violence about their healing journeys and relationship to themselves. These stories were then collaboratively transformed into tarot cards using imagery and portraiture that is personally significant and emblematic of each survivors’ experience, identity, and insight.

The Dreamweavers exhibition invites you to explore how you can connect to your intuition, inner callings, and creative dreams through the stories of these survivors and use them to cultivate networks of community care and transform your relationships. During this opening reception, you can view the art, read tarot, build a community care altar, and help raise money for the Survivor Arts Collective QTBIPOC mutual aid fund (the exhibition is free to attend).

The Dreamweavers Project, and by extension, this exhibition, has been made possible through the support & collaboration of: the Mass Cultural Council, the Northampton Arts Council, Community Engagement, and Survivor Arts Collective.