The Failure Cabaret



The Foundry West Stockbridge (2 Harris St, West Stockbridge, MA , West Stockbridge MA)

The Fremonts have been married for eight years and they have the therapy bills to prove it. In this dark comedy cabaret, Stephanie Dodd from Fremont, Nebraska (Vocals/Accordion) & Justin Badger from Fremont, California (Vocals/Guitar) perform their original music and tell their story of meeting in New York, performing on Broadway, accidentally moving to a pretentious mountain town and doing everything in their power to stay sane and married at the same time. This show was born when Executive Producer, Chuck Porter declared, “Hey kids, let’s do a show!” after a few beers in a hotel bar. It has a companion piece, a full length album by the same title, which was released digitally in April 2019.