The Huntress and Holder of Hands and Dead Gowns with Aisha Burns



The Drake (44 N Pleasant St, Amherst, MA 01002, Amherst MA)

**7PM, 6pm doors**


The Huntress and Holder of Hands is a band born out of grief, devotion, and determination. The band’s songwriter, MorganEve Swain (Brown Bird) reveals her heavy post-metal, blues and grunge-rock influences, tempered by cello, viola and string bass. Not for the faint of heart, but for those whose hearts swell for human connection. Fear not, Comrades in Woe.

Dead Gowns is the songwriting project of Geneviève Beaudoin. Her latest collection, the *HOW EP* (out Oct 14, 2022), is a confident declaration of self-acceptance and a decisive statement from a band comfortably growing to meet its potential.