The Imagine Project



BOMBYX Center for Arts & Equity (130 Pine Street, Florence MA)

The Imagine Project was born when friends Peter Nabut and David Bulley decided to organize the first Mud Season Festival in 2020, an all-day multi-venue music event in downtown Turners Falls. Peter, a singer/songwriter since 1978, set out to create a full-band project for the event; to recreate an iconic album in its entirety live on stage. The art of the “album” as a medium has arguably taken a backseat to the streaming playlist and its associated algorithms when it comes to how people experience recorded music. John Lennon’s Imagine is a desert island disc for Peter, the second album he bought with his own money, and its music and messages still resonate. Rather than copying the record, Peter says “we’re recreating the tunes in our own voice with more complex vocal arrangements and the opportunity for the musicians to stretch out and improvise.” The John Lennon album Imagine was originally released on September 9th, 1971. We welcome you to this performance on this, the 52nd anniversary of that date.

Proceeds over expenses will be given to support Bombyx who have done so much to expand arts and social programs in our community.



Peter “Petey” Nabut – guitar
Klon Koehler – electric bass
Dan Belmont – keyboards
Kip Dresser – “lead” guitar
Heather Cupo – vocals
Sean Kimball – vocals/multi-instrumentalist
Kim Wachtel Repas – vocals
Jim McCrae – vocals/piano/guitar
J.J. Humphrey – drummer