The Kingsley Brothers: Artists in the Whately Glen



Whately Town Hall auditorium (194 Chestnut Plain Road, Whately, MA 01093, Whately MA)

Allison Bell and Maida Goodwin, the authors of *Glorious Mountain Days: The 1902 hike that helped save the White Mountains* (2019) will speak about Elbridge and Lewis KIngsley, who painted, took photographs and made woodcuts of scenes in Whately, Hatfield, and other spots in the Valley.  They also hosted 19th century gatherings of artists to "experience nature," often in the Whately Glen which was a popular 19th and 20th century picnic area and also the site of a movie made by the Edison Film company.. This talk is presented in conjunction with the opening of our next museum exhibit, *Roaring Brook*, the water source that carved and continues to fill the Whately Glen and which feeds the Great Whately Swamp and provides drinking water for Conway and South Deerfield.