Tiny Glass Tavern: Let us Dance Let us Sing - Folk, Baroque, Americana



Edwards Church (297 Main St, Northampton, MA 01060, Northampton MA)

**Let us Dance, Let us SingWednesday Nov 1st 2023 at 7.30pm, Edwards Church, Northampton MA**

“Let us Dance, let us Sing…let us revel and play: since old Time these delights will remove.” (Thomas Betterton, the librettist of Purcell’s The Dioclesian)

Tiny Glass Tavern presents its biggest project yet with music that will make you want to dance! Let us treat you to our upbeat selections from a wide variety of styles, all culturally very specific, but together so relatable through its playfulness and embodied spirit: you’ll hear some 17th century hornpipes, jazz manouche, Art Song inspired by American and Spanish popular music, Brazilian sambas, French chansons, Klezmer, originals by Adam Simon and Paul Morton and much more. 

**Music by:** Berry, Da Viola, De Falla, Jacquet de la Guerre, Morton, Price, Purcell, Reinhardt, Simon, Statman, Strozzi, Viardot, Vivaldi.

**Musicians:**Kai-Ching Chang, piano, Maya French, violin, Fiona Gillespie, soprano, whistle, Paul Holmes Morton, theorbo, banjo, baroque guitar, guitarGrant Houston, violinLysander Jaffe, viola, violinBenjamin Katz, harpsichordSophie Michaux, mezzo-sopranoAdam Simon, bass, mandolin, guitar, voiceMatthew Smith, cello