Welcome Yule - Music, Dance, Songs and Stories to Drive the Dark Away



The Shea Theater Arts Center (71 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA 01076, Turners Falls MA)

**Annual, mid-winter celebration in its 38th year at the Shea Theater Arts Center. This year’s show weaves in English, Scottish and Celtic traditions of Yule (winter solstice), Hogmanay (Scottish New Year's celebration), a bit 'o Robert Burns, and Imbolc (the feast of Brigid, who raises fallen Winter and brings forth new life in Spring, celebrated on February 1st), bringing the audience on a journey from one side of winter to the other.**

In sharing songs and traditions of olden times we feed a basic yearning for connection, with each other and the natural world in all its layers, remembering from simpler times what is important. Real magic happens - the magic of ancient traditions like the Abbots Bromley horn dance, when eerie, antlered figures weave through the audience accompanied by a haunting tune. The magic of the renewal of life arising out of death. The magic of singing and dancing to drive the dark away to lift our spirits with the promise of the return of the light. The magic of storytelling, of puppetry, of superstitions. The magic of audience engagement - singing along, touching holly to the Yule log, and joining with the cast at show's end where the distinction between performers and audience members dissolves. The families of Welcome Yule have built a creative, loving community and draw audiences into that energy.

We are so excited to be in person again this year after two virtual years due to covid. We kindly request that audience members wear masks inside the Shea. Thank you! **Advance tickets are available at The Shea Theatre website, with cash or check at World Eye Bookshop, Greenfield, Broadside Books, Northampton and Amherst Books, Amherst. Tickets also at the door.**