Where do the Animals Go In the Winter and Save the Leaves for Pollinators



Fort River Birding and Nature Trail (69 Moody Bridge Road, Hadley, MA 01035, Hadley MA)

What is POP-UP interpretation? It is a new program at the Fort River

Birding and Nature Trail, where the Refuge's park rangers, interns, and

volunteers will be presenting quality environmental educational

programing to the public!  For example, sometimes we, POP-UP! at the

pavilion! We are having a POP-UP interpretation  demonstration and craft/ Drop-in Hours on:

**November 3 , at 1 - 3PM :  Where Do Animals Go In the Winter**

Craft: Make a snowshoe hare paperweight

**November 9, At 1 - 3: Save the Leaves for Pollinators**

Craft: Coloring sheet

**Where:** 69 Moody Bridge Road Hadley, MA 01035

If you have any questions please, email: **Tasha_Daniels@fws.gov**

**Or call: 413-658-5403**