The Tiny Art For All Gallery Project

Type: Exhibition

The Tiny Art For All Gallery Project is a series of 5 small-scale, interactive, Pop-up art galleries located along the bike path between Northampton and Florence, Massachusetts. Each gallery will host one artist, artist collaboration, exhibition or residency for 2 months unless your project utilizes all 5 galleries.  The mission of the Tiny Art For All Gallery Project is to provide new opportunities for ANYONE identifying as artist or maker and to place art directly into communities to engage and interact with.  We celebrate innovative thinking about what these spaces could become and are open to exhibitions, residencies, augmented reality components, sound, etc.. Be Creative! Each Gallery will feature signage connecting via QR codes to more information about each project and each artist/group featured.  Each gallery will be open to the public at all times. This project is in partnership with the Friends of Northampton Trails and is funded by the Northampton Arts Council and generous sponsors.