Community Liaison

Type: Job

The Community Liaison will work to build community connection between creatives, (artists of any genre, creative business workers or business owners) in an underserved BIPOC community the liaison is connected to in Western Mass, and the ArtsHub. This will be done by helping to spread the word about the ArtsHub to the liaison’s established networks, forwarding ArtsHub emails to peers, and providing input on the ArtsHub website, content, events, and any other ArtsHub initiatives. The liaison will also communicate the needs of the community they are representing to help shape future features of the ArtsHub.

The liaison will work in collaboration with the ArtsHub DEI consultant

Outreach will be aimed at:

    • Encouraging content listings on ArtsHub Website.
    • Encouraging CreativeGround profile signups.
    • Help build community attendance of ArtsHub events/gatherings.


Stipend of $1,000 for 50 hours @ $20/hr with the potential to extend if additional funds become available.

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