Creative Sector Pathway Program

Type: Training

The Creative Sector Pathways (CSPP) is a FREE 20-week hands-on experiential education in tools training and entrepreneurship for teens ages 13-17 who are interested in pursuing the unique intersection of art, technology, and entrepreneurship. Teens meet twice per week plus open studio hours to train in our 13,000 sq.ft. facility including, 2d to 3d design, pottery, woodshop, leather, textiles, jewelry, stained glass, electronics, and digital fabrication.

During the training and discovery phase, students work to mastery in specific shops, are encouraged to pursue their passion, deepen their technique, and find their unique voice. Woven into each session are the practical skills needed to forge a path from idea to action including: entrepreneurial thinking, developing a vision, recognizing opportunities, financial literacy, lean canvas, building a brand, and the importance of community.

CSPP includes a badge and certificate system, in which once certification is obtained, our innovative model provides students with apprenticeship opportunities to learn and work independently outside of class time in the space with their mentor. Certification can be shared with employers or on college applications and will provide evidence that students have worked to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and have mastered important tool training. At LSI, students work intentionally to create their own path in a warm community of mentors dedicated to uplifting youth.