We're hiring: Join our design fabrication studio!

Type: Job

We are seeking new members to join our team. Primarily, we create amazing interactive museum exhibits. Additionally, we put our creative skills to work in art fabrication, product prototyping and development, and some short-run manufacturing. We all wear multiple hats, including customer-facing, project management, design and fabrication responsibilities. We're a fun team, with a cool and well-equipped shop. We enjoy making awesome things. We optimize for a digital workflow, but don't allow ourselves to become paralyzed by it - we still love making things by hand!

Open Roles:

  • Project Manager / Estimator
  • Shop Apprentice
  • General Exhibit Fabricator
  • Exhibit Designer
  • Molding / Casting Technician

We are always interested in making connections and talking with people, even if there are no positions available. Our preferred team member has a blended background in design and fabrication.


Check our website to learn more: 42designfab.com/careers

You can also send us an email at: info@42designfab.com