DreamThemes Entertainment

Performing Group

DreamThemes Entertainment is a theater company that provides services for event planners for events such as conventions, festivals, fairs, fundraisers, car shows, or any event that may want immersive, themed entertainment. 

What sets us apart from most performance groups is that we are ready and willing to cater to your event's theme, and create content just for your event.  We're willing to go the extra mile and build scenery, sets, attractions, and art displays to create a world within your venue for your guests to enjoy.  We're also willing to host private parties and social gatherings, talent and costume contests, karaoke and escape rooms.

We offer a wide scope of performance material. Our full show can go up to 90 mins and follows a vaudeville variety format and can cater to any age group or style. We offer tap and jazz dancers, belly dancers, flow artists, comics and musicians. Our Medicine Show is a shorter 15-30 minute show that is comedy and music, we have single acts that are 15 mins for stage filler, we also have buskers and wandering characters. 

DreamThemes got it's start almost 15 years ago as The Boston Sprockettes, running steampunk vaudeville shows at conventions and festivals around New England. Struggling to distinguish our PG shows and our 18+ shows under a single name, we split the group into The Sprockette Sisters, and Dr. Nightshade's Medicine Show. Since then we have added a slew of new material, such as Lady Tokenoff'n, The Muddy river steamboat pirates, Adventures of your own Choosing, Escape rooms, Axe Throwing, a carnival midway and we are always looking to try something new.

We have a wide variety of talent on our core team. Our musical director is an accomplished graduate of Berkley college and is well known through New England for accompanying countless talented groups.  Our choreographer studied dance at the University of RI and has been continuing her training while training others. Our director has over 20 years in theater and has directed a number of productions with various event producers throughout the area.




Primary Discipline

Theater - Variety / Vaudeville

Additional Disciplines

Music - Folk
Music - Traditional


Arts for Social Change / Creative Activism
Creation of a Work of Art (Including Commissions)
Design Services
Theater Technical Production
Performance / Concert / Reading
Professional Network Gatherings / Events
Virtual Events
Wedding / Parties / Private Gatherings
Community Arts

Additional Information

  • Year founded: 2016
  • Is a Touring Artist
  • Approx. 10 events per year
  • Geographic Reach: Surrounding States/Region
  • Seasons active: Year round