Heather Geoffrey

Artist / Creative (Individual)

I was born on the border between the United States and Canada in Newport, Vermont. I am an multi-disciplinary artist whose approach combines elements of acrylic painting, digital photography, collage, written word and performance. In 2009 I received a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with focuses on: Borderland Theory and Spirituality in Artistic Process and Creation from Goddard College. I went on to expand my studies with focuses on: The Medicine of Art, Artist as Keeper of Ancestry and Lineage, Artist as Vessel, and Borderland Theory and Expression in Artistic Process. I received an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College in 2012. My paintings and photography have been exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions and my work has been commissioned for public murals and private collections.

I approach the creation of art as  a dialogue with the Divine Source of my existence. It is through this conversation that I strive to actualize myself  as a conscious co-creator within my personal reality and in the shared collective experience of life. It is a practice in which co-creation, philosophy, prayer, science, ceremony and craft meet. The images that result are messages or moments of awareness and contact. They are whispers from the place where the veils between worlds are thin. 


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Creation of a Work of Art (Including Commissions)
Arts Instruction / Lessons
Workshops / Demonstrations / Master Class
Virtual Events
Community Arts
Art Sales

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  • MFA-IA (Interdisciplinary Arts) Goddard College
  • BA in Individualized Studies Goddard College
  • Internship with Felipe Ortega

Additional Information

  • Year founded: 2016
  • Is a Teaching Artist
  • Geographic Reach: City/Town-wide, County-wide, Surrounding Counties/Region, State-wide, Surrounding States/Region, Nationally