kevin hupfer (azmadik fotografiks)

Artist / Creative (Individual)

image composer born 1985 in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he currently lives and works.

Primary Discipline


Additional Disciplines

Design - General
Design - Graphic
Media - General
Media - Animation
Media - Cyberart
Media - Digital
Media - Film
Media - Video
Visual/Crafts - General
Visual/Crafts - Decorative Arts
Visual/Crafts - Experimental
Visual/Crafts - Installation
Visual/Crafts - Mixed Media
Visual/Crafts - Paper
Visual/Crafts - Photography
Visual/Crafts - Printmaking


Arts Criticism / Journalism
Arts for Social Change / Creative Activism
Arts in Healthcare
Creation of a Work of Art (Including Commissions)
Design Services
Manufacturing / Fabrication
Public Art Projects (In Free, Public Spaces)
Audio or Video Recording
Film Preproduction / Production / Editing Services
Consulting - Curatorial Services
Portfolio Review
Professional Network Gatherings / Events
Residency - Community
Virtual Events
Wedding / Parties / Private Gatherings
Community Arts
Artist Market
Art Sales

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Additional Information

  • Year founded: 1985
  • Geographic Reach: City/Town-wide, County-wide, State-wide, Surrounding States/Region, Nationally