LaunchSpace Inc.

Art Studio


Mission Statement 

“Benefitting people and enterprises through collaboration”The mission of LaunchSpace, Inc. (LSI) is to support innovative economic development in post-industrial, semi-rural communities by providing opportunities to explore and develop hands-on skills in support of enhanced personal satisfaction, increased employment value, and business incubation to benefit individuals, schools, businesses and the broader community.  

Vision Statement

LaunchSpace, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation committed to innovative economic development in post-industrial, semi-rural communities, has created a makerspace in Orange, Massachusetts to serve the North Quabbin and surrounding community by providing space and equipment for:

  • Creation; Local craftspeople to produce their work, collaborate with other makers, and take classes that teach members and non-members maker based skills.
  • Education; Providing a satellite campus for community colleges to offer employer specific job training certificates and training, “micro”credit courses, and access to higher education online learning.
  • Incubation; Provide support and resources to entrepreneurs launching businesses with a focus on the creative economy.

The makerspace is engaged in the creation of a replicable approach to revitalization of semi-rural, post-industrial communities. The basis of this approach is an integrated, three-tiered set of programs.  In more detail, these three tiers are:

  • A member-based, multi-skill, collaborative and diverse shop environment providing tools, equipment, education and support to people who want to create and learn skills but don't have the desire, space or means to build a shop of their own;
  • Instruction, both practical and theoretical, for development of a skilled workforce for both increased employment value for individuals, and as a critical part of attracting new employers to the region as well as improving the capabilities of existing employers; and,
  • A business incubator supporting development of the creative economy; specifically, for those who would like to start an arts and/or making-based business but who don't have the capital to invest in a fully equipped shop and storage facility.

This creative and collaborative ecosystem for innovation serves different community stakeholders: makers, artists, unemployed, small businesses, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and other independent professionals. The curated environment of creativity and self-starter energy gives rise to organic networking for entrepreneurs to share ideas and collaborate. More tangibly, the space provides access to resources such as super fast high- speed internet not readily available in this rural area but sorely needed to develop business—especially those in the high tech industries. 

Primary Discipline

Visual/Crafts - General

Additional Disciplines

Visual/Crafts - Basket Weaving
Visual/Crafts - Carving
Visual/Crafts - Ceramics
Visual/Crafts - Clay
Visual/Crafts - Decorative Arts
Visual/Crafts - Experimental
Visual/Crafts - Furniture
Visual/Crafts - Illustration / Drawing
Visual/Crafts - Jewelry
Visual/Crafts - Leather
Visual/Crafts - Light Art
Visual/Crafts - Metal
Visual/Crafts - Painting
Visual/Crafts - Paper
Visual/Crafts - Photography
Visual/Crafts - Sculpture
Visual/Crafts - Textile Weaving
Visual/Crafts - Wood / Bark


Art Sales
Artist Market
Arts Instruction / Lessons
Community Arts
Manufacturing / Fabrication
Marketing Services
Product Development Services
Professional Network Gatherings / Events
Public Art Projects (In Free, Public Spaces)
Residency - Community
Venue Rental
Workshops / Demonstrations / Master Class

Additional Information

  • Year founded: 2017
  • Has venues available
  • Geographic Reach: City/Town-wide, Surrounding Counties/Region