MICA Mothers Institute for Collaboration and Art

Arts Service Organization

Mothers Institute for Collaboration and Art (MICA) is a mission-driven, mother-owned organization dedicated to showcasing m/others - mothers, caretakers, and individuals from diverse backgrounds - who are working artists. Everyone deserves the opportunity to create, share their work, and thrive within the art economy.

Our Mission:

  • Creating opportunities: MICA provides a platform for m/others to showcase their work, connect with audiences, and generate income through their artistic pursuits.
  • Advancing equity and inclusion: We advocate for fair representation and equal opportunities for m/others in the arts, dismantling barriers to their success.
  • Raising awareness: MICA amplifies the voices of m/others, highlighting their unique challenges and contributions to the art world.
  • Fostering community: We build a supportive network where m/others can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other.

What We Do:

  • Exhibitions and events: We curate high-quality exhibitions and events specifically for m/other artists, providing them with a platform to gain visibility and recognition.
  • Advocacy: We work to raise awareness of the challenges faced by m/others in the arts and advocate for policy changes that promote equity and inclusion.
  • Community building: MICA fosters a vibrant community where m/others can connect, collaborate, and find support from their peers.

Impact & Future:

MICA is committed to building a future where m/others can fully participate in the arts economy and achieve their artistic dreams. We are dedicated to:

  • Expanding artistic opportunities: Providing m/others with more high-profile platforms to showcase their work and connect with potential collectors, galleries, and collaborators.
  • Addressing systemic barriers: Advocating for policies that address the gender pay gap, childcare issues, and other obstacles faced by m/others in the arts.
  • Fostering economic empowerment: Creating opportunities for m/others to generate income through their art, contributing to their financial security and independence.
  • Celebrating diversity: Promoting the work of m/others from all backgrounds and artistic disciplines, enriching the art world with diverse perspectives and experiences.

Join Us:

Become part of the MICA community and help us break down barriers for m/other artists! Visit our website to learn more about upcoming events, how to get involved, and how you can support our mission.


Primary Discipline



Performance / Concert / Reading


  • Smith College Bachelor of Arts

Professional Associations

  • Pepperlane

Additional Information

  • Year founded: 2022
  • Approx. 6 events per year
  • Geographic Reach: Surrounding Counties/Region
  • Seasons active: Year round