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Music In Common, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen, empower, and educate communities through the universal language of music. 

By producing publicly accessible concerts, school programs, and multimedia productions with an interest in underserved communities and areas where there is a history of conflict, Music in Common (MiC) provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and collaborations that can lead to positive social change.



In October 2005 musician, writer, and producer Todd Mack organized an informal backyard jam in honor of his friend and band mate Danny Pearl, the late Wall St. Journal reporter.   Fueled by a resonating belief in the power of music to bridge divides between people, that backyard jam has grown into an internationally touring non-profit organization with innovative community-building programs that serve as a call to action in communities around the world.  To date, MiC has served thousands of people in more than 200 communities across the US, Middle East, and Far East and operates multiple programs locally, nationally, and internationally.   



Community Concerts - By bringing together diverse groups of artists and audiences, MiC community concerts are a living demonstration of the power of music to connect people. MiC concerts are powerful and healing experiences, generating a sense of community and hope and often serve as a call to action for individuals and communities to discover common ground.  MiC Community Concerts include FODfestThe Last Waltz LIVE, Raise the MiC, MiC Youth Concert Series, SongCore, and Meeting of the MiCs YouthFest.  

Youth Initiatives - With a focus on 21st Century Skills and conflict mitigation, MiC youth initiatives inspire young people to see beyond the walls in front of them and empower them to create the world they envision. MiC youth programs immerse students in an environment that demands mutual respect, effective communication, and collaboration.  MiC programs equip young people with the skills they need to constructively manage day-to-day issues of bullying, intolerance, and cultural tensions in the classroom and beyond. Music and multimedia are a healthy means for self-expression, and students gain confidence, self-awareness, and a greater appreciation for commonalities among others with whom they might not typically interact.  MiC youth initiatives include school programs, youth concerts, and the MiC Youth Summit. 

International Tours - Since 2009, MiC has produced more than a half dozen international tours in the Far East and Middle East that incorporate community concerts and youth programs, creating impactful peer to peer diplomacy and cross-cultural ambassadorship.  MiC has worked extensively throughout Israel and the West Bank to deepen understanding between Jews, Christians, and Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians, providing a platform for people to discover common ground even when and where none was thought to exist.

Multimedia Productions - MiC reaches a global audience by distributing a wide array of multimedia projects via the internet and social networking.  MiC's message of tolerance and unity counters the exploitive use of multimedia and the internet to propagate hate and violence.  Video clips can be viewed on our youtube channel


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Additional Information

  • Year founded: 2005
  • Approx. 20 events per year
  • Geographic Reach: Internationally
  • Seasons active: Year round