Scout Cuomo Studio

Artist / Creative (Individual)

An osprey, wings outstretched to kiss the Cape Cod air. A woman, weightless, somersaulting in water amidst a school of dancing silvery fish. Luminescent jellyfish suspended in the darkest depths like grapes in bruise-colored jam. In her paintings and drawings, Scout Cuomo explores the vulnerability of both the human and natural world. Where others see a wave in the ocean or a bird in flight, Scout sees raw movement, hidden sorrow, outlandish joy, fierce resistance and ultimate surrender.  As an impressionistic and abstract impressionistic artist, Scout’s work delves into the themes of mindfulness and spirituality, sexuality and ecstasy, nature and biodiversity, and the power and mystique of water. She works predominately in the mediums of painting and drawing. She also creates home installations of three-dimensional paintings on glass and lucite that appear to float on the wall. Her tactile style almost begs to be touched, coaxing people to look closer to find themselves in the work. Whether she’s scanning the horizon or snorkeling on the surface of a pond, Scout is continuously mining the world for inspiration. As her work mirrors life, her work also acts as a mirror to reflect a world that asks people to dive in with intensity. 

Primary Discipline

Visual/Crafts - Painting

Additional Disciplines

Visual/Crafts - Decorative Arts
Visual/Crafts - Glass
Visual/Crafts - Mixed Media
Visual/Crafts - Sculpture


Consulting - Curatorial Services
Creation of a Work of Art (Including Commissions)
Design Services
Public Art Projects (In Free, Public Spaces)
Workshops / Demonstrations / Master Class


  • Northampton Arts Grant Recipient 2014
  • Northampton Arts Grant Recipient 2012


  • Smith College 2006

Additional Information

  • Year founded: 2013
  • Geographic Reach: City/Town-wide, County-wide, Surrounding Counties/Region, State-wide, Surrounding States/Region, Nationally, Internationally