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World and Eye produces shows on social issues through the arts. Our approach is multidisciplinary including puppetry, writing, movement and storytelling. We perform with artists from many disciplines and backgrounds.

Workshops are taught by director, Jean Minuchin after 20+ years combining arts, community and education. They can be modified for organization budgets and time frames.

Justice -For all levels, this workshop looks at oppression and celebrates uniqueness. Participants explore marginalization through theater games, drama structures and mask leading to characters and scenes. A list of techniques is provided for facilitators in classrooms and community settings.

Ecology- Can found objects be brought to life? What stories do they tell? Participants create scenes about precious objects and the cost of knick knacks on the planet. Fun abounds discovering characters, stories and scenes through animating puppets made of recyclables. Participants explore sustainability with a hands on approach.

Teens -Addresses racial and cultural tensions, sexual exploitation and more appearing in the news. Through drama, teens explore ostracized communities and their own experiences of belonging and exclusion. Approached from many angles including story, character and scene work. Each visit can be divided into weekly or daylong sessions or shorter classes that last a semester (schools, camps, youth detention)

Multiple Generations -To honor people over 60, tales told by seniors create an exchange with children ages seven to twelve. Seniors develop storytelling skills and choose a story from real life. Once stories are crafted and recorded, children learn about shadow puppets and create a visual re-telling. Puppets and stories are shared in a community event.

Grief -For healing specific populations such as veterans, recovery or hospital groups who are suffering from loss.  Because creativity is a tool for expression and transformation, the arts are natural healers. Theater, writing and art will be used to create community, address grief and help with the healing process after loss. (Requires an additional mental health professional).

Gender -America has opened its understanding to a range of human experiences around Gender. Still, women and LBGTQ+ rights are threatened. Explore experiences of gender in many forms through movement, mask and creative play. Create scenes of restriction and liberation and end with a mask of personal empowerment.

Primary Discipline

Theater - Puppet

Additional Disciplines



Arts for Social Change / Creative Activism
Creation of a Work of Art (Including Commissions)
Arts Instruction / Lessons
Cultural Education
Curriculum Development
Residency - In School
Workshops / Demonstrations / Master Class
Performance / Concert / Reading
Residency - Community
Virtual Events
Community Arts

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  • Broward Cultural Division (FL) Grant 2017 - Helen Reynolds and Jean Minuchin received a grant for "Telling Tales: An Intergenerational Storytelling Exchange" - World and Eye Programing
  • Broward Cultural Division (FL) Grant 2016-2019- Helen Reynolds received grants for "Fort Lauderdale Story Slam" - World and Eye Program
  • Broward Cultural Division (FL) Grant 2019 - Jean Minuchin received a grant for "Women Crossing the Line" Performance Festival - World and Eye Program
  • Boca Raton Museum of Art 61st All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition - Jean Minuchin was selected to exhibited her film "Pilgrimage"

Professional Associations

  • Western Massachusetts Puppetry Guild

Additional Information

  • Year founded: 2015
  • Approx. 3 events per year
  • Geographic Reach: Surrounding States/Region, State-wide, Surrounding Counties/Region, County-wide, City/Town-wide
  • Seasons active: Year round